Our History 

The UC Davis 3 Day Event Team is one of the founding teams of the USEA Intercollegiate program and is proud to be a member of the UC Davis community for the past decade.



Notable Events: 

3 Day Event Team Established at UC Davis - The 1st Event Team in Area VI

First Fundraising Derby at the Equestrian Center  


Notable Events:


West Coast Collegiate Eventing League Established - USEA Intercollegiate Eventing League later established with the help of WCCL


Notable Events: 

Intercollegiate Team Challenge hosted at Ramtap (now Fresno County Horse Park)





Intercollegiate Eventing League Established thanks to UCD Event Team Member Amelia Clyatt   

          - UCD is one of the 3 founding teams

UCD Event Team finishes first at an intercollegiate team challenge at Woodside 

Event Team participates in UCD Sports Clubs Dodgeball tournament 

Brian Sabo Clinic 

1st Derby Costume Contest 


Notable Events: 

You can now find the event team on Instagram 

The UCD Event Team finishes 2nd out of 5 teams at an intercollegiate team challenge at Twin Rivers 

James Alliston Clinic 


Notable Events: 

Teresa Fletchinger (2016) ranks 6th in National Collegiate Beginner Novice 

Kendra Mitchell wins Area VI Beginner Novice Young Adult Champion

Bec Braitling Clinic 


Notable Events: 

Lauren Billys Clinic 

Hawley Bennet Clinic 


Notable Events: 

1st Horses and Hunks Fundraising Calendar

Team Challenges at Woodland Stallion Station and The Spring Event at Woodside

Cal Poly Event Team Established joining UC Davis as the west coast members of the Intercollegiate Eventing League 

Lauren Billys Clinic

XC Clinic with Lizzie Liz


Notable Events:


UC Davis particpates in 3 intercollegiate team challenges


Lauren Billys Clinic  

Derby Costume Contest returns!

XC Clinic with Andrea Baxter


Notable Events 

Clinics are held with Lauren Billys and Dom Schramm 

Team members compete successfully at Fresno and Twin Rivers 

Pilot West Coast Intercollegiate Championship at Fresno County Horsepark - Postponed due to COVID 

University of California, Davis

Three-Day Event Team

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